Installers of Stunning Concrete Imprint Driveways Do you need a new driveway? Is your existing driveway looking past its best?  

Concrete Imprint 

When you have a new concrete print driveway installed sometimes the companies that installed them don’t tend to let the customer know that they are meant to be sealed every two years. 
In some cases you may have purchased a house with a concrete print already installed, without knowing you are meant to have them cleaned and sealed every two years 
If you do not have them cleaned and sealed over time they intend to lose their colour brittle and in some cases tend to crack, taking away the look and shine of the concrete print. 
Homeowners trying to clean them themselves using a pressure washer tend to leave lines, sealing over them which then they are sealed into the concrete which are very difficult to remove. 
You have to know the sealant you are applying to the concrete print. I’ve seen in some cases people put block paving sealant on the concrete print which doesn’t contain enough solids in the sealant to protect it from hard wear, resulting in the sealant not lasting two years. 
When you get Newstone Drives to clean and seal your concrete print you are having it cleaned and sealed with some of the best products on the market, and you get a 2 year guarantee with our products. 

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Recolour Imprint 

And if your concrete print has gone too far and has already lost all its colour or tyre marks or even in patches we also have a solution to try and bring your concrete imprint back to its original glory. 
It’s a clean and seal with a re-colour solution. In some cases you will have to have the driveway re-dyed or repainted. 
What we do we get our circulate a cleaner and clean the drive once that has been done we wait for it to dry off. We mix the dye in with the sealant and then brush it on wait for that to dry. Then we apply a matt or shiny sealant for the finish. 
Here are some examples of our work. → 

All of our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured which gives our customers peace of mind. We also offer a 14 day cooling off period. 


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